August Natural Dye Workshop: Blues
$ 150.00
  • August 19th, 2017 from 9:30am - 4:30pm at Nutmeg Fibers Dye Studio

Blue is one of the most stunning colors when achieved with natural dyes. Most people immediately think of indigo as a blue dye source, but there are also many other sources of blue in the natural world. This third and last in our summertime Natural Dye Workshop Series focuses on the various shades of blue than can be achieved with natural dyes. We'll be using logwood, woad, alkanet and more to create various shades from grey-blue to bright blues. In this all-day workshop, you'll learn the effects that different mordants have on fiber, as well as how to achieve the most saturated colors with your chosen dyes. We'll gather together in the morning, over coffee and a breakfast from Nashville's Sweet 16th Bakery, and learn about various dye techniques. The rest of the day will be spent dyeing your fibers, with a delicious lunch break, provided by Baja Burrito, in the middle. Every student will leave with their dyed fibers, plus a dye set all their own so they can continue to learn and explore natural dyes once they get home. We hope you'll join us for this fun day of learning and dyeing. Ages 18+ only. 

Included in the price of this workshop are: 

  • 5 skeins of worsted weight,100% US Merino wool
  • Breakfast provided by Sweet 16th Bakery
  • Lunch provided by Baja Burrito
  • Personal Dye Kit including: 1-12qt enamel dyepot, 1 set stainless steel tongs, 1 set of natural blue dyestuffs for at home use, a natural dye instruction booklet
  • all necessary supplies for workshop