Since July 2015, Nutmeg has offered you the chance to enroll in our Yarn of the Month Club! With fall coming up, we are introducing our new and improved YLC (Yarn Lover's Club) format! All the yarn featured in the YLC will be exclusive to Nutmeg, with only the finest bases for you to choose from. To see our featured YLC items, visit the page here! 


 Monthly: Order at your leisure on a month-by-month basis. Orders are due on the 15th of each month for the following month's yarn goodies. For example, place your order by June 15th in order to receive the July Yarn of the Month. Pick and choose which months you'd like to participate in with this option. No need to commit any farther than a month! Keep up to date on our latest Yarn Picks through the Nutmeg Newsletter. 

Quarterly: Our fall quarter begins in September! Enroll by the 1st of September, and you will receive a Nutmeg Yarn Club Pack once a month during our Fall Quarter (Sep., Oct., Nov.). Quarterly Club Membership comes with a 10% discount on your overall yarn pack price. To get a sneak peek of what goodies you'll be receiving, check in with our monthly listing here or sign up for the Nutmeg Newsletter. 

Annually: Enroll by the 1st of any month for this option, and you will receive a Nutmeg Yarn Club Pack for 12 consecutive months. Your yarn will be shipped to you at the beginning of the month following your enrollment, and each month thereafter for your year-long period. You will receive a 20% discount on the overall price of your yarn pack when you enroll in an Annual Club Membership. To see a preview of what goodies you'll be receiving each month, check in with our monthly listing here, or sign up for the Nutmeg Newsletter